Premium Tract Reports

A "Tract Report" consists of tract and model information, floor plans, a list of streets in the tract and, if we have them, site plans, features and maps.  The floor plans are illustrations, not blue prints.  To learn more about Tract Reports, please watch our Overview video.

Reports are in a PDF format and may be printed, saved or emailed.  You may use any part of the report in a flyer or an appraisal but not on the Internet.

You have 12 months from the date you order to access your reports.  If you use them up before the 12 months, then you will need to reorder.  When your subscription ends, unused reports at the end of the year WILL roll over if you renew within 90 days.*  BE SURE TO ENTER THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT WE HAVE ON FILE.  WE USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR UNUSED REPORTS. You may access each Premium Report up to three (3) separate times on one credit.  Please read Terms of Use for further details.


Reports Subscription
Cost Average Cost
per Report
0 12 Months $35.00 *
5 12 Months $40.00 $8.00
20 12 Months $80.00 $4.00
50 12 Months $125.00 $2.50

*If, at the end of your subscription period you still have unused Premium Reports, you may extend your subscription period for another 12 months for only $35.

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